It’s harder than it looks

Fact: I just spent the past five minutes staring at blank word file because I have no idea how to start my first post…That was easier than I thought.

Here we go. For those of you wondering this actually isn’t my first blog, throughout my time at the University of Oregon I have added to the clutter of cyberspace quickly hashing together a blog for one class and just as quickly forgetting about it once the final is done. However, I will give credit to the fact that this is the first time I actually get to blog about something other than the class itself. I’ve been looking over Pros in Training and it looks like i will have a lot of work cut out for me.

With that in mind it would help if I got to the purpose of my blog. I want to look at PR and advertising campaigns with a focus that starts with sports. Not very original I know, but we will see if I cannot eventually branch out further into something more unique as time goes on.

and yes, i do like Nike.

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