Ready, set, tweet

I think my twitter is alive and it terrifies me. Why does this terrify me?

Well I was reading a blog post about finding out what my social media personality is and it occurred to me that I haven’t done anything with my twitter yet other than follow a handful of random strangers.  When I finally got around to logging on I saw that I had 10 followers; eight random strangers, the University of Oregon account, and an account that promised to help me find local horse races in the UK.

Naturally I was ecstatic that twitter recognized my short lived dream of being a professional horse jockey, but that isn’t what scares me about the whole thing. How did I get 10 followers by adding absolutely nothing of intellectual value and what does my social media personality appear to be to them?

Do they think I am just a twitter zombie, destined to troll the feed and mindlessly re-tweet someone else’s intellectual property or do they think my account is just a lack lustered attempt at social media exploration? Either way it made me think I really need to kick start this social media plan I have going and this blog will be a great place to start.

I always hear that when you want to get something done you should set a goal and tell someone else. So with that in mind I chose to tell the internet, mainly because my roommates aren’t interested and I can barely handle being friends with my dad on Facebook let alone trying to talk to him about the rest of my social media ventures.

While I hope my procrastination doesn’t become bad enough that I need to post my entire social media plan on here, this post will be my declaration to the dedication of building my social media presence on the internet.  Now it’s time to take back my twitter…

Photo credit: Gustavo Pimenta via Flikr

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