Keeping it simple

So with another term coming to a close I will officially be on my penultimate spring term.  With all that in mind I keep having the nagging feeling that I am still far too inexperienced for the working world.

As a way to cope and keep my paranoia in check I find myself reading more and more articles about the job market, internships, and interview skills. I just finished reading a post about the top six things to know for an interview on Porter Novelli’s Intern blog and much of what they had to say was helpful.

While I wasn’t expecting to find some great secret to unlocking the mystery behind interviews it was relieving to see much of what was said were things that I already knew. Does this mean that I am now fully prepared for a fast paced interview? Probably not, but it definitely speaks to how much of the complexity of business is based around just simply being prepared.

So much of what we learn in school is focused the specifics, but it seems that the simple parts of the curriculum will serve us better because of their universal application. The first point made about preparing for an interview is just to do your homework (which sounds awful when you realize homework doesn’t end with school).

While some of the other points are broader or at least seem to be common sense, like be early, it is weird to think that they can be so easily overlooked.  Many of the points rely solely on your ability to connect with other people. Despite the simplicity there is still a lot of substance that needs to be put into those categories before you can really sell yourself in the current job market.

I had a panel of guest speakers in my media sales class today and no matter what aspect they were involved in it seemed what impressed them most were basic human interaction.

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