How social is social media?

Despite all the success from social media it still seems like a hard sell. In my media sales class whenever social media usage comes up in an advertising plan the main flaw of it comes up to; it’s hard to measure.

While I am not saying that tracking the consumption of social media is difficult, it is just hard to hold numbers up to a social media plan. Ad week published an article last month about the disconnect between agencies and clients.

This is slightly unsettling for the fact that social media is being used to sell everything, but isn’t really selling itself. While newer and better social media options become available to the general public it continues to divide the market. Agencies are ,of course, the more zealous when it comes to supporting social media, but should they be doing what they think is best or what the customer wants?

I personally feel that if you’re paying an agency to do work for your company you should give them the benefit of the doubt, but it is interesting to think of social media as a hard sell. After you do some research you would be quick to find the advantages of using social media and how many businesses could benefit from it, but not everyone is sold yet.

A word cloud from an advertising blog

When you talk with people at the School of Journalism it seems like social media is an explosive topic, but has the fact that social media has been so well integrated into daily life made it lose some of its appeal? When some people advertise all they really want is to see their face on TV (take any local car dealership or furniture store), but people don’t get the same satisfaction for media usage when anyone can do it. Despite all the avid talk of social media’s benefits it is still difficult to recognize its professional perception and I feel that it is being underutilized because if how it is viewed.

Photo credit: DavidErickson via Flikr

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