Interviews: why being human helps

I feel like there are enough posts between this one and the last time I talked about interviewing to let me post another so here we go. I just finished reading a post on The Hiring Hub about 10 ways to ace an interview and once again tips relate to people being a considerate human being.

While I know there have probably been several times where I have botched one of these tips, it is good to see something as simple as “respond briskly and concisely” made it onto the list. Another example of a tip that is extremely simple yet underappreciated is to thank the interviewer at the end of the interview.

When it comes to the interview process it always seems so rigid, but the second you come face-to-face with an actual person the dynamic shifts. People are social creatures and one of the best ways to “ace” an interview is to be organic. A real human connection can get you further in business then just doing something well, in a market where thousands have the exact same qualifications you do it becomes important to look for what added value you bring to the company.

Fortunately I’ve never had to be the interviewer, but I am sure that people run the gambit when applying for the entry level jobs. So with that in mind I want to thank the millions of interviewees before me and especially the ones that have inspired the countless lists from people hoping to minimalize the amount of unpleasant interviews in the future.

Bonus tip: Smile


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