Looking back at a great ad campaign

If you spend any time around the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon you would quickly realize what side of the technology divide it stands on currently. Apple computers are everywhere in the SOJC and I am constantly reminded of it because I have a PC and feel like I am one of the few. Despite my preference towards PCs one of my all-time favorite advertising campaigns has to be the ‘Get a Mac’ campaign and Adfreak.com has the entire campaign posted.

Everyone has to have seen at least one of these commercials provided you weren’t living under a rock for the past few years. Since the commercials origination in 2006 there have been 66 different versions filmed and while they have sadly stopped making them (something I didn’t really notice till I saw the post about the campaign) it definitely speaks volumes about what can make a great advertisement.

The commercials are so simple, but still manage to create a relationship with the viewing audience. The overhead for the commercials also have to be insanely low, with rarely more than three people on screen at one time and a fairly set wardrobe it is amazing how successful the advertisements became.

Take that in comparison with this behind the scenes look at the filming of one of the newer Old Spice commercials. Everything about that set looked exceptionally complicated, but both advertisements managed to do their job well.

It is hard to determine what makes a good advertisement because people’s tastes are so diverse. On an earlier blog post I mentioned how segmented markets have become, but despite that certain advertisements will continually catch the consumer’s eyes.

Despite a very minimal difference in age it is interesting to see how the ‘Old Spice Man’ has also spread to be a part of viral media. Hopefully the viral aspect will keep this hilarious campaign going for the four year run ‘Get a Mac’ did ,but even if it doesn’t it is great to be able to look at how even in a few short years the advertising industry has evolved with social media.


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