Presenting with flair

So I have to give a presentation in class on Tuesday and one thing that is always good to get pumped up before doing something that requires public speaking is to watch TED talks. All the speakers for TED are exceptionally accomplished people, but not all of them are competent speakers. The truly great presentations standout though and one of the best talks I’ve ever seen on the TED page was by Hans Rosling about the third world.

Hans Rosling speaking at TED

While the topic isn’t something that I am deeply interested in or have an expansive knowledge of the way this man presents information is amazing. Most of the time when you get advice on public speaking you hear about how statistics bore your audience, but Hans Rosling presents information in such a way that you are dragged in through his energy. The graphs he shows aren’t aesthetically pleasing to say the least, but great content makes them interesting.

A great public speaker is often someone who is passionate about what they do and when you watch Hans Rosling speak you can tell that he has dedicated his life to these topics. Sadly passion is a hard thing to inspire for every public speaking situation you are put in, but being confident in you claim can be just as good.

Finding the middle ground between something that is eye catching and informative is also a challenge for public speakers. Sometimes it seems that people try so hard to make a presentation fun that they forget what they are doing up there and of course there are the opposites who frantically cram information into every slide. Public speaking is all about finding a good balance between what your audience wants to hear and what they need to hear.

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