Social division

I just got finished reading a post by Brian Solis about behaviorgraphics which are essentially the way to differentiate publics within social media. As I was reading I was thinking two things, the first being the sad acknowledgement of my minute social media presence and the second being how have PR and advertising agencies worked to target these groups.

When you look for the most basic way of targeting a group of consumers it most likely falls to demographics. Demographics are things that people cannot change and while not as directed as other forms they will usually hit their target, for lack of a better way to say it reaching a demographic is like trying to hit the broad side of a barn.

Psychographics are slightly harder, but more useful when you think about selling a targeted product.  Even when you look at psychographics it doesn’t seem that hard to reach your target with all the different options you have to put your message on, but then I read the behaviorgraphics.

The behaviorgraphics post talked about 18 different categories to classify people in and that sounds exceptionally small when you consider how large social media have become over the years. Even then as I read them I was unsure of how a consumer could be reached through these classifications.  For the most part its already been figured out, businesses generate content to create added value for customers that they have a relationship with.  Even with that concept in mind it still seems to be a monstrous task to disseminate what people really want out of corporate social media and as the lines of product and prestige get blurred it will become vital to acknowledge audiences by more than who they are and what they associate with.

edit* Photo credit: via Flikr

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