The tweet is mightier than the pen

The more I wander the internet the more I realize social media is slowly eclipsing my life. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s amazing to think of all the applications people have found for it so far. With the tweets that reported what was happening in Egypt to people using Facebook to organize parts of the revolution social media has definitely changed how the world works.

Al Jazeera has realized this and is taking it to the next level with their new show The Stream meant to be aired on their US network. The show is putting social media at the forefront of news reporting, relying on an online community to help make the show. Social media tools like twitter and storify will help drive the conversations and create an open dialogue for people to take part in.

The fact that there is going to be a show based around social media speaks volumes to how far it has come.  While the show hasn’t been put on the air yet, it will definitely be interesting to watch and see how it acclimates with the online community.  This is a great example of when people find an application for social media that stands above the celebrity gossip and other mindless product that is so often put out on the web.

It is also interesting to think about looking at the news from the view of social media because of how much less censorship there is online. While the show will only be half an hour Al Jazeera hopes to have an open dialogue running 24/7. It definitely looks like there are chances that this show could backfire on the producers, but there is also a chance to elevate news media to a new level if the program is nurtured carefully.


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