Twitter-symptoms may vary

So I pretty much failed at a resolution I made to be a better Tweeter, I’m a twidiot I know (I debated trying to fit as many Twitter puns as I could in this post, but wanted to spare my dignity and anyone who unfortunately reads this). So as I’ve been on this journey of social media exploration I’ve definitely seen how effective twitter can be, but I sadly don’t feel compelled to have an active personal account.

In my laborious time trying to get involved in twitter I went through the five stages of grieving and a few clicks on Google later I was brought to Influential Marketing Blog reading an article about his own five stages of accepting Twitter. While my stages of grieving went more along the line of Kubler-Ross’ model I let out a sigh of relief knowing I wasn’t the only person who disliked his or her account at one point or another.

Basically on Influential Marketing Blog’s model I am at a mix of the first two stages. I’ve moved on from pure denial to just disliking my own posts, but I do check my account every so often when I am looking for ways to not blog.

The main thing that interested me was the latter stages because they start talking more about the evolution of professional twittering. Stage three seems like the tipping point because you are finally generating your own content, but conversing and microblogging is where I see Twitter being useful, albeit less fun.

Much of my twitter journey has yet to begin; I personally feel that unless you are really generating your own content you’re essentially stuck in the dumping stage. While there is nothing wrong with the dumping stage I think I am to stubborn to continually push other people’s work on my random collection of followers, but maybe once I find content worth creating I’ll find my voice on Twitter.


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